How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Impact Windows

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their home more eco-friendly. Not only can you reduce your electricity bills, but you can also earn tax breaks by installing certain eco-friendly appliances in your home. However, such big investments are often too much for many homeowners to take on. There are some alternative ways to increase the efficiency of your home, reduce your bills, and generally enjoy a more eco-friendly home without spending an arm and a leg. This article explains several ways that you can increase the efficiency of your impact windows.

Adding Window Films to the Glass Panes

Impact window films that go directly on the glass panes are very effective. Solar films help deflect light and prevent then sun from heating up the inside of your house. These are hugely advantageous in hot, sunny climates. However, most people don't realize that the solar films are also very helpful in colder climates. They can help reduce heat loss and slow down the transfer of cold air into your home. That is, if you are running your furnace repeatedly on winter days, warm air will stay inside your home and not escape through the glass panes. Basically, you use less energy, and spend less money if your impact windows have film on the panes. Remember, you can add film to both the inside and outside of the window for even better insulation.

Adding Weatherstripping to the Movable Impact Windows

Felt or rubber weatherstripping are also very helpful when it comes to reducing heat loss. Of course, it is only useful on movable windows. Felt and rubber weatherstripping come in tape form and are very easy to apply. Basically, you roll out the length that you need, cut it with the scissor, and then stick it on to the edge of your frame or sash. Sometimes, you will need extra weatherstripping on both the window frame and the movable sash. Over time, windows can warp and shrink so they do not create an airtight seal, even when fully closed and locked. Weatherstripping is a great solution for this problem. For less than $20, you could dramatically increase the efficiency of your windows and reduce your daily reliance on your heater and air conditioner.

These simple jobs can make your impact windows from a place like The Screen Shop Inc more efficient. You don't need to spend much time or money to drastically improve the functionality of your windows.