Steps To Take If There Was A Recent Shooting Near Your Home

No matter where you live or how nice or modest your home may be, there are things that can happen that can shake your confidence in the safety and security of your neighborhood and home. One of those things is a shooting in your neighborhood. Gun violence is a terrifying issue but one that is quite common in the United States today. Because of this, it is important to know what steps you may want to take if there has been a shooting near your home recently. Once you know what you can do to make yourself feel better, you can start making those adjustments as soon as possible. 

Install a Security System and Security Cameras

Perhaps the best way to make yourself feel safer and more comfortable in your home is to install an advanced security system that includes security cameras. With these security systems, you can put cameras outside of your home to monitor exterior areas as well as inside to monitor entryways from the inside as well as other areas of your home that you may be concerned about. With these newer security systems and cameras, you can feel safe and secure at all times about your home. 

You can set up motion alerts to go off when the cameras detect someone moving around in or around your home. These can alert you in your home but you can also connect a smartphone or other device like a laptop or tablet to the security cameras to push notifications to you anywhere. Such an option would also allow you to watch your camera feed live any time you want to check in on your home and the goings on in it. 

Of course, security cameras are not the only component of a high-quality and advanced security system. You may also want an alarm system for your doors, alarms and deadbolt locks for your windows, and even digital locks that require coded entry or biometric scanning (fingerprints, etc...) to get into your home. All of these features can help you feel safer inside of your home after a shooting. 

Consider Bullet Resistant Doors

If you are quite shaken up by the shooting and are concerned that such an incident may happen again, you can also improve the safety inside your home by upgrading your doors. Bullet resistant doors are designed to prevent bullets from penetrating through the door. Bullet resistant doors are rated on a scale of one to ten with ten being the toughest against gunfire. For example, a door rated at level one could stop a few shots from a handgun but an eight could stop a shot from a high-caliber rifle. 

Generally, for residential homes, anything from a one to a four would be sufficient. Door rated higher are used in businesses and government offices as well as in the military. Bullet resistant doors can give you a bit more peace of mind, particularly if you are experiencing some PTSD from the situation in your neighborhood. You could also consider bulletproof glass for windows if this is also a concern for you. 

With these steps in mind, you can be sure that you keep your home and your family safe after a nearby shooting. Contact a security company, like Guardian Security Structures, for more help.