Installing New Automatic Doors? Learn These 3 Common Problems

If you are installing new automatic doors, you will likely not have any issues with them in the near future. Over time, however, you may start having problems with the automatic doors. Below are three of these problems so you can get your automatic door repaired quicker.

Problems with Motion Sensors

Automatic doors use motion sensors to know when someone is walking up to the door. When it senses movement, the door automatically opens. Floor matt sensors are also often used with these doors.

If the sensors are installed on the door, they are generally installed on the top of the door. Over time, the sensors can become misaligned, which will make them not work properly. The sensors can also become dirty, which can also cause them to fail. If there is a floor mat, it can start having problems after a lot of foot traffic over a long period of time. In a case like this, it is best to replace the floor mat.

Hear Motor Sounds

If you hear the motor trying to operate on a continual basis, this will cause your doors to use much more electricity. This also puts a lot of wear and tear on the motor.

In many cases, the door switch can cause the motor to make sounds and operate continually. Replacing this switch will fix the problem for you. If there is a problem with the doors not closing all the way, the motor will continue working to try to close the doors. This could be someone in the way, such as built-up debris, or a mechanical issue.

Problems With Door Opening and Closing

If you notice your automatic door does not open or close as it should, there is likely a part that is worn out. One part is an infrared sensor that is required for the door to open or close. This sensor may have gone bad and will need to be replaced. There could also be something blocking the sensor, such as dirt and debris.

It is important that you get this repaired as someone could easily open an automatic door that is even open a little bit. If an intruder breaks through, you would not only have to replace your damaged door but also replace items stolen inside your building or home.

Talk with an automatic door repair company as soon as you notice problems. They can come to your establishment to get your automatic door working properly again. Contact a company like Doors Fixed Right, Inc. today.