Four Ways To Use Commercial Sectional Doors

Commercial sectional doors are fairly common, but few people can imagine any alternate uses for them beyond warehouse dock doors. In truth, these doors can be installed just about anywhere, and they have more uses than you might have thought. The following uses will give you a new perspective on where and how these doors can work for you. 

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units are definitely one way to use commercial sectional doors. These units are essentially several small garages for personal storage needs. The commercial doors used to close the units are ideal because you get a very uniform appearance with every row of storage units, and the doors prevent pests and bad weather from getting to the renters' contents inside the storage units. The doors roll up and down with ease and lock with the right fastening locks outside. 

Oil or Tire Changing Stations

Quick lube and tire changing stations only provide limited car services. To make things simple, these stations are equipped with three to five bays that have the exact same sectional doors on both sides of each bay. Customers drive their cars in one bay with the door open, and then when the oil or tire change service is complete, they simply drive out the opposite side of the same bay. 


Giant commercial doors serve a few very unique purposes when they are installed on a secondary garage on a house. One, they function as doors for extra tall garages for storing yachts or sailboats, which require dry dock storage to be of exceptional height. Two, if the owner of the house also owns their own semi-tractor, it is easier to park that tractor in its own tall garage than it is to leave it in the way on the driveway, or worse, on the street at night. Additionally, you could have an extra garage for storing a deluxe, double-wide RV, or an extra garage for the boat or semi-tractor. The commercial doors installed in this way lets a homeowner with these unique modes of transportation store all of their modes of transportation on the same property. 


Twindominiums, or "twindos," are condominiums that share a single wall and are built in pairs rather than quads. When several twindos are built in a row on a street, the commercial sectional doors used for the garages are consistent with design and appearance. This is another residential use, but it looks completely natural and normal in a neighborhood full of twindos. 

For more information, reach out to a sectional door installation company near you.