Glass Shower Door Myths Debunked

You have probably heard some myths about glass shower doors. Most of which are inaccurate and often used to deter homeowners from installing glass shower doors. Some of these myths include the following:

Glass Doors Explode 

You have probably read or heard about glass doors exploding. While it is possible that glass doors can explode, it's not as easy as people make it sound. If it happens, it's very rare, and the glass shatters into small pieces with blunt edges. This means that the likelihood of injury is minimized. 

Glass Doors Don't Offer Privacy 

The general view is that glass is transparent, and almost anyone can see through it. Therefore, if you're in the bathroom, other house occupants can see whatever you're doing. While glass is transparent, you can always choose a style that offers the level of privacy you need. If you want clear glass, you have the opportunity to get that. However, if you prefer some privacy, select frosted glass.

Glass Shower Doors Are Expensive 

Yes, glass shower doors are slightly more expensive than some door materials. For example, you can't compare the price of a generic plastic or fabric shower curtain and that of a glass shower door. Glass doors can be expensive, but they'll also improve the value of your home. Therefore, investing in glass shower doors isn't a bad idea as some make it sound.

You Can Make Adjustments After Installation 

Some adjustment is possible unless you intend to install a towel bar. If you want a towel bar added, ensure that you specify this early as you measure your bathroom. This is because a towel bar is a custom feature; thus, the holes are drilled during the manufacturing process. 

Glass Shower Doors Are Safety Hazards 

It's common knowledge that glass shatters if it's hit with a heavy or sharp object. If you apply pressure to glass with a sharp object, it's likely to crack or shatter. However, glass shower doors are made of different kinds of glass.

Instead of the more common annealed glass, shower doors are made of laminated glass or tempered glass. The latter is stronger than annealed glass; this means it can withstand a beating. If it breaks, it shatters into smaller, less sharp pieces than annealed glass. This means that it's less likely to cut into your skin or injure your pets and kids. Alternatively, you can choose laminated glass, which features a thin sheet of vinyl that holds the glass pieces together even after it breaks. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for glass shower doors for your bathroom.