Overhead Door Installations For A Commercial Structure

A multi-paneled overhead door that contains rollers and a tracking system can be properly installed by a licensed technician. Door materials must be anchored securely. Electrical components are essential when using some modern door styles, which may necessitate the services that an electrician provides.

Commercial Grade Doors

Overhead doors are typically installed in commercial garages, warehouses, and any other type of structure that will see a large volume of freight or vehicles move in and out of a building. A commercial-grade door may use magnetic technology, sensors, or fully-automated features. A door that is electrically operated will require that several installation phases are conducted. First, a property owner may need to acquire a permit. 

Next, an electrician may need to inspect the area where a door is going to be installed. An electrician will mark areas where electrical components will be installed. Finally,  a general technician will need to lay out the panels, rollers, and track components. A door that contains multiple panels will require that adjoining pieces are secured together, prior to assembling the door in its entirety.

Preparations For The Installation

Upon purchasing a new overhead door, it is the property owner's responsibility to make arrangements to have the new door delivered to their place of business. A door may come partially assembled or may consist of separate pieces that will need to be assembled at the time of the installation. A property owner should consider how their business operations will be conducted while an installation is underway.

All of the prep work that is essential for the installation, including the marking of where electrical components will be routed, will not disrupt the use of a doorway where a new overhead door will be installed. On the day when the door will be installed, however, a property owner should have made adjustments that will allow them to access freight or allow vehicles to enter a garage or automotive shop, without interfering with the manner in which the new door will be installed.

If a lot of items are currently stored within the structure where a new overhead door will be installed, moving items from the door's entryway is important. Equipment that is bulky in size could hinder a technician's ability to install the door properly. Since an overhead door can be rather heavy, a technician may have one or more assistants who aid with transporting door components and installing them.

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