The Pros And Cons Of Window Inserts

Old single-pane windows are drafty and provide almost no insulation from the noise outside your window. But replacing all of the windows on a residential home is an expensive investment. For a complete window replacement with vinyl double-hung windows with double panes, the average cost is between $500 and $900. That adds up quickly. Fortunately, there are simpler and more cost-effective solutions like window inserts, custom panels that slip in front of your existing frames and panes to improve heat and noise insulation. Read More 

Four Ways To Use Commercial Sectional Doors

Commercial sectional doors are fairly common, but few people can imagine any alternate uses for them beyond warehouse dock doors. In truth, these doors can be installed just about anywhere, and they have more uses than you might have thought. The following uses will give you a new perspective on where and how these doors can work for you.  Outdoor Storage Units Outdoor storage units are definitely one way to use commercial sectional doors. Read More 

Installing New Automatic Doors? Learn These 3 Common Problems

If you are installing new automatic doors, you will likely not have any issues with them in the near future. Over time, however, you may start having problems with the automatic doors. Below are three of these problems so you can get your automatic door repaired quicker. Problems with Motion Sensors Automatic doors use motion sensors to know when someone is walking up to the door. When it senses movement, the door automatically opens. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Overhead Doors For Dog Kennels

Many people who are involved in the pet industry don't realize it, but overhead doors can be ideal for dog boarding or breeding facilities and other types of kennels. These are a few reasons why overhead doors are ideal for this type of use. 1. It's Easy to Bring in Loads of Stuff For one thing, you might always be bringing loads of stuff in to your dog kennel. For example, you might buy dog food in bulk, and you may need to be able to back your pickup truck or trailer up to the door so that you can bring things in more easily. Read More 

Steps To Take If There Was A Recent Shooting Near Your Home

No matter where you live or how nice or modest your home may be, there are things that can happen that can shake your confidence in the safety and security of your neighborhood and home. One of those things is a shooting in your neighborhood. Gun violence is a terrifying issue but one that is quite common in the United States today. Because of this, it is important to know what steps you may want to take if there has been a shooting near your home recently. Read More